Timbré at Substation

I cannot believe that I took more than a year to stumble upon this place. Timbré is a bistro music bar that was started in July 2005. The place features local bands as part of their music line-up. On Wednesday nights they’ve got EIC! –cue huge grin– Juan & I were lost in their music just a while ago..they did songs by Jason Mraz, John Mayer, Hootie & the Blowfish, Barenaked Ladies, Red Hot Chilli Peppers & Augustana. For that alone, you ought to visit the place. For weekends, we have been forewarned: you should make reservations at http://www.timbre.com.sg

Their drinks menu looked decent enough, though their Cosmopolitan wasn’t strong. I tried their champagne cocktail Sweet Lady ($12) and their Red Ruby Martini ($10) their martini special for tonight. Kudos to them for a great champagne cocktail!

Inevitably, Juan & I got hungry after all the drinks..so I ‘grudgingly’ agreed to compromise with Ms. Carnivore & order Timbré’s Chicken Fingers ($8) [***.]. The portion was enough for 2. The chicken was encrusted in a lightly spiced batter. yums.
I’d check out their webby for their ongoing promotions..cos they’ve got pretty good deals for those dining in groups. Last but not lease, Timbre’s thin-crust pizzas are not to be missed! [****.]

//prices are subjected to +++

The I-wanna-know[s]:

Food – 8/10
Price – $$ to $$$
Service – 8/10
Ambience – 9/10
Accessibility – 6.5/10

[$]-cheap like peanuts: ($10 & below/person)
[$$]-average Jane ($15-$25/person)
[$$$]-you might wanna tke tht card out..($30-$60/person)
[$$$$]-extremely exorbitant ($70 & above/person)
[* to *****] – rating(s) for individual dishes

Address: 45 Armenian Street, Singapore 179936 (Substation Garden)
Email: info@timbre.com.sg

Opening hours: open daily from 6pm except Sunday
Dress code: casual
Buses: 16, 147, 857, 162..


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