Bangkok sweets

Here’s a triple treat for those who have a penchant for sweet things. If you’re planning to visit Bangkok sometime in the near future, you should check out these places located near the various shopping districts around Bangkok. I’ve got a pastry shop, ice-cream parlour and iced drinks shop coming up. stay tuned & scroll down!

click here: The ice-cream parlour.

iberry was an interesting lil ice-cream parlour I chanced upon while I was holidaying in Bangkok in December. This iberry outlet is sandwiched between Burger King & Häagen-Dazs (on left) in the Erawan area. You will find a building named Amarin, a large Mac’s and Hyatt Hotel nearby. If it helps, you could tell the cabby it’s in the vicinity of the 4-faced Buddha..but since there’s a chance that he won’t understand you, I strongly suggest you take note of these landmark buildings.

They’ve got unique homemade flavours such as gooseberry sorbet, rose apple sorbet, hazelnut, macadamia, ovaltine & name a few. Single scoops are priced at 60 baht (cone) & Double scoops are 70 baht (cup). They had Christmas sundaes at the time (dine-in), but I settled for their vanilla & rose apple sorbet to go instead because I was in a rush. The rose apple sorbet was very light & refreshing without being overly sour. You would taste more of the ‘apple’ really, with only a slight tinge of rose. I chose vanilla to complement it to have an idea of how their ‘basic’ flavours compared with those back home. Verdict: 7/10

Address: Maneeya Centre (Ploenchit)
Tel: +66 (0)2652 0628
/check out other locations on their website!

Next on the list we have Deliya by Farmhouse, which is run by President Bakery Public Company Limited (a Thailand-based company dealing with bakery products). They’ve got an outlet in megamall MBK, as well as behind Siam Square (on right). Siam Square is another shopping centre connected by a linkway to MBK..the place kind of reminds me of Bugis Junction. Anyways, this place has FANTABULOUS strawberry jam biscuits and cakes worth trying. Don’t buy the chicken sticks in those cute lil green containers they’ve got though, it didn’t exactly pass my taste test haha.

Next door to Deliya, you’ll find Ice King..a shop selling fruity iced drinks like mango freezes, juices, iced coffee & teas amongst much more. I’d like to think of it as a Thai bubble tea place because it’s somewhat similar in concept. They use real fruits in their concoctions, so the drinks make a good refreshing treat after a long shopping marathon. I decided to pay Ice King a visit because I noticed the constant long queue at the shop while I was shopping nearby…overcome by severe dehydration.

I hope you guys enjoyed this entry on Bangkok, I’ve got another 1 on a restaurant in Baiyoke Sky Hotel coming up in the near future. =)


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