char’s cooking I

Just thought I’d share some photos of the food I’ve prepared for friends and family…

 My very own Aglio Olio (I’m not much of a purist) that I made for a picnic a while back. It’s got red, green, and yellow capsicum with bacon, prawns, mushrooms, linguine and chilli flakes.


this one’s 1 of 3 appetizers I did for a recent boardgames night at my place…it’s baby potatoes with sour cream, bacon bits, and caviar on top.dscn0479.jpgdscn0478.jpg

The second appetizer is prawn toast! This one took me eons to prepare because I had to blend the prawns into a paste and put in all the chestnuts, egg whites, garlic and chopped parsley. It’s topped with sesame seed and tastes better than it might look…and last but not least, my bacon rolls…this one was the easiest to cook. All you need is strips of streaky bacon, fried egg (sliced into strips) and sliced japanese cucumber. Simply roll it all up. In fact, the vegetables and egg can be substituted with other things so you can get creative with your ingredients.


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