El Bulli scores a hat trick

At the S.Pelligrino World’s 50 Best Restaurant 2008 awards held at the Freemanson’s Hall in London last week (Newsource: Luxury Insider), El Bulli earned the distinguished top spot for the third year running. El Bulli is the infamous world no. 1 restaurant that is reputed to have reservations booked up to a year in advance –

El Bulli in Roses on the Mediterranean / Photo: Francesc Guillamet

Image: Hector Mediavilla / Polaris for TIME

the restaurant is closed from November to March each year for its team of chefs to experiment with molecular gastronomy to invent gastronomical creations to titillate the palate. The restaurant resides on the coast of Catalonia in Barcelona, and is well-known for their 30-course gourmet menu featuring some of chef & owner Ferran Adrià’s best creations.

Terraza / Photo: Francesc Guillamet


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