An Ideal Breakfast.

I woke up this morning after having a really bad dream, and all I could think about was having a good breakfast. I started thinking about breakfasts from all over the world, because my tummy’s really imaginative…it gets this way when I’m really hungry. And so I’ve come up with the ideal breakfast for different people. Introducing…French breakfasts…

Eggs Benedict or Eggs Florentine: Benedict consists of buttered toast, poached eggs, bacon & Hollandaise sauce. Florentine includes spinach and Mornay sauce is occasionally used to substitute Hollandaise sauce. The Eggs Benedict you see below is from Choupinette.

Prata/Murtabak/Naan: Different Indian flour pancakes served plain with curry, or with meat or fish fillings. For awesome Naan (garlic or butter), head down to Khansama Tandoori Restaurant. Yassin Restaurant 786 over at 945 Serangoon Road (a short walk down from Boon Keng MRT) has fantastic Chicken Murtabaks that come in huge portions…their prata’s great too. 24-hr place. Famous prata-serving areas in Singapore include Thomson, Casuarina, Jalan Kayu, and Little India.

Roti John/Nasi Lemak: Roti John is baguette loaf topped with egg, minced meat, onion & tomato-chilli sauce, while Nasi Lemak consists of coconut rice with ikan bilis, vegetables, and meat. Both are Malay favourites and come in different variations. I’d recommend the Roti John at Serangoon Garden Market Shukor StallAs for Nasi Lemak, try Changi Village, Bugis, Bedok, Far East Plaza, Geylang Serai…there’s plenty. And every machik (malay for auntie/aunty) serves up a different home-cooked version so it’s tough to decide.

Bee Hoon/Congee/Dim Sum/Chee Cheong Fun/Half-boiled Eggs: Bee Hoon with popular side dishes such as luncheon meat, fried egg, otah or otak-otak (Mackerel paste wrapped in banana/pandan leaves), meat, and vegerables can be found in many hawker centres, coffeeshops, and food courts in Singapore. It’s a popular breakfast among the Chinese, and comes in numerous oily variations – a filling guilty pleasure I must add. Congee, on the other hand, is a healthy Cantonese favourite that’s commonly served with dim sum. Maxwell Food Centre, Hong Lim Hawker Centre, People’s Park Hawker Centre and the other hawker centre next to Smith Street in Chinatown has reasonable to yummylicious congee. Maxwell in particular has 2 stalls competing for customers…and I’d suggest starting your search for congee here.

For affordable and droolworthy Dim Sum, check out Red Star (Blk 54 Chin Swee Rd, #07-23, Tel: 6532 5266 / 6532 5103) or Victor’s Kitchen (91 Bencoolen St, Sunshine Plaza, #01-21, Tel: 9838 2851). I’d say go early for Red Star…as early as possible if you can manage it. Chee Cheong Fun (heavenly steamed rice rolls with meat or seafood fillings) is easily top 5 on my favourite breakfast list. Tuck into the ones at Freshly Made Chee Cheong Fun (Old Airport Road Food Centre, #01-155, 8am to 10pm daily), Shun Tuck Cheong Fun (People’s Park Cooked Food Centre, #01-1100), and Alexandra Village Hawker Centre.

Another local favourite that many a Singaporean loves in random kopitiams, hawker centres or chains like Ya Kun or Killiney Kopitiam is….Half-boiled Eggs! Simply drooled with dark soya sauce and pepper…this simple pleasure can cause your cholesterol to shoot sky-high if you don’t stop yourself from ordering seconds or thirds. But who cares? We only live once.

See? There’s more to life than a MacDonald’s breakfast. So get out there and have a good breakfast or brunch…be it savoury crepes, korean pancakes, bacon & eggs, or croissants…try something other than a Mc-anything.

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