Mummy’s Dim Sum

I’d like to applaud my mum’s valiant first attempt at making her very own dim sum. Armed with a newly-purchased book of dim sum recipes and 2 bamboo steamers, my mum battled the steam and splattering oil to come up with some yummy family favourites to pair with a pot of warm minced pork congee…

Panfried Beancurd Skin Roll with Mayonnaise: 1 of my favourites…thanks mum. Tasted suspiciously like her nghor hiam (nonya beancurd skin meat roll) because of her addition of water chestnuts. Crispy skin and great filling nonetheless.

Steamed Prawn Chee Cheong Fun: When this first popped out of the steamer, the skin was thin and translucent, and her generous prawn fillings were in plain view. Great effort mum. I’m certain your subsequent tries will succeed, and I’ll always be a willing ‘guinea pig’.

Steamed Har Gao (Prawn Dumpling): Aha, 1 of the 2 bamboo steamers makes its virgin appearance. The skins were a little thick on this dish, but the prawn fillings were yum. If you can’t already tell by now, prawns are practically a family staple.

Steamed Seaweed Pork Rolls: The second bamboo steamer was a pleasant surprise, and my favourite of the lot. Kudos to you mum for trying something different. The pork rolls retained a light juicyness from the steamed meat, and the combination of parsley, carrots and others made this dish a mouthwatering one.

Can’t wait for more dim sum! Who knows, I might try my hand at making some the next time my mum steps into the kitchen with her bamboo steamers…


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