A Homemade Japanese Feast

My mum, brother, and sister combined efforts to put together an awesome Japanese meal for dinner tonight…just thought I’d share it with everyone in an attempt to spark the trend of home-cooked meals. It’s real fun for a private get-together with friends or family. I’m thinking of holding a popiah (spring roll) & kueh pie tee (crispy shells with turnip fillings) party for my friends myself. All it takes is a little patience, fresh ingredients, recipes (these are optional really..) and help to just wing it! To spice it all up, you could even have nice table decorations, a vase of fresh flowers, glasses, cutlery etc. to create the mood or theme you want. Without further delay, I present some photos for you to feast your eyes upon…

tempura prawns

Tempura Prawns lovingly fried by mum

agedashi tofu

Agedashi Tofu – my mum’s favourite (she’s psyched about finally getting it right)

cha soba

Cha Soba (a nice cold addition to your carb intake)

tamago zensai

Tamago Zensai made by my talented little brother (I’m hoping he’ll be a chef someday)

california handroll

California Handrolls (without the avocado) wrapped by my brother

assorted mushroom pot

Assorted Mushroom Pot – a mix of enoki, straw, and shitake mushrooms (that layer of ‘oil’ is actually butter)

It’s a pity I didn’t take photos of our complete setting – we had individual Japanese bowls and plates for all the food. Well there’s always next time…So what are you waiting for? Try your hand at playing host some time too.


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