Obolo Dessert Tasting

Last Friday, I attended a dessert tasting at Obolo organised by LIC, and had the privilege of getting to know fellow food bloggers like foodiesqueen and nevertrustascrawnyfoodie. Obolo is a cosy spot for a cuppa and some desserts if you’re looking to have tea or a little something after dinner. Tucked away in Joo Chiat amidst rows of popular food haunts, it’s easy to overlook them if you’re not alert. Just look out for a red signage diagonally opposite Joo Chiat CC (near Katong Mall). Run by pastry chefs Mac Woo and June Lee of the popular Crave dessert books (sold island-wide in major book stores), Obolo is definitely worth visiting.

Our dessert degustation menu ($23+) was an opulent assortment of petite cheesecakes, tartlets, macarons and a dessert shooter. All in all a very, very, filling tasting session. The following are some comments on Obolo’s desserts (just an opinion), and interestingly all the food bloggers had varying opinions…so do take mine with a pinch of salt!

obolo tasting platter

From Top to Bottom (left to right): Pinada Cheesecake, Tiramisu Au Chocolat, Nikita, Chocolat Noir, New York Cheesecake, Chocolat-Passion, Caraibe, Le Cassis, Mango-Passion Cheesecake

Pinada Cheesecake [****]: paired with rum-soaked raisins, this one was a refreshing combination of zesty pineapple and light cheese.

Tiramisu Au Chocolat [***]: a tad disappointing because of the mascarpone creme (tasted a little too light for my liking).

Nikita [***.]: A dark chocolate ganache mousse with cherry-raspberry gelee, pistachio ivoire mousse & chocolate-almond biscuit with kirsch..this dessert’s unconventional ingredients will appeal to a select palate. Personally, pistachio isn’t a huge favourite…but it was still a delectable treat.

Chocolate Noir [***]: A plain tartlet filled with dark chocolate ganache topped with a raspberry. Nothing special compared to the others, but goes well with tea.

New York Cheesecake [***]: Surprisingly, I found the cheesecake too dry. There was a hint of lemon to perk up the tastebuds…perhaps there should’ve been more cheese…

Chocolat-Passion [***]: The other tartlet pictured above, this one consisted of a milk chocolate & passion fruit ganache. Those who are a tad averse to sour fruits will find this sour, so proceed with caution…

Caraibe [****]: 67% caramel-chocolate mousse with a (very good) dark chocolate ganache on top of a pecan chocolate fudge cake base. A rather rich, but decadent delight for chocolate lovers.

Le Cassis [****.]: My pick of the bunch! Loved the dark chocolate ganache mousse with blackcurrant ivoire mousse, chocolate-almond biscuit and crunchy praline feulletine. A must-try.

Mango-Passion Cheesecake [****]: The mango was light, passion fruit wasn’t overpowering, and the cheese just went really well with everything.

obolo berry shooterOn your left, we’ve got Summer Berries [***] – a tangy mascarpone mousse with red berry gelee, kirsch-mixed berry campote, kirsch-soaked vanilla genoise and garnished with fresh berries. Speaking from the perspective of someone who loves berries, this dessert will make a pleasant after-dinner treat because of its overall lightness in taste. But like before, I do think the mascarpone could afford to be a little thicker. Nonetheless, it’s still worth a try.

Last but not least, we ended off with Macha (green tea) & Hazelnut-Chocolate Macarons. These macarons were better than Canele’s and gave Choupinette a run-for-their-money in my opinion. Very sweet fillings with a nice crunchy shell, these macarons were pretty delish.

I’ll be planning some dessert tastings myself for 2009, so keep your eyes peeled for details. Thanks LIC for holding a great event!

obolo macha & hazelnut macaron

The I-wanna-know[s]:

452 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427665

Website: http://www.obolo.com.sg

Tel: +65 6348 9791

Opening hours:
Tue-Thu: 12.30pm-9.30pm
Fri: 12.30pm-10pm
Sat: 11.30am-10pm
Sun: 11.30am-9.30pm
(Closed Mon & P.H. days)


3 thoughts on “Obolo Dessert Tasting

  1. unfortunately, I was feeling rather warm that night so I had iced tea…which I really regretted cos warm tea would’ve been so much better with the desserts! (the aircon got a lil cold eventually too)

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