Lao Ah Di (老亚弟肉骨茶)

lao ya di rou gu chaThe family was in the mood for some bak kut teh one afternoon, so we trooped over to Lao Ah Di. Personally, I don’t like my bak kut teh to be too peppery. If the soup is herbal or has a strong tea taste, I’m fine with it as long as it doesn’t taste medicinal (the way Traditional Chinese Medicine can taste).

For bak kut teh, I’d usually head down to Founder Bak Kut Teh opposite Shaw Plaza along Balestier Road. Yes, they are pricey compared to the rest along Balestier, but they are good. Another bak kut teh place I patronise (seldom now because it’s a tad inconvenient) is Outram Park Ya Hua Rou Gu Cha (No. 7 Keppel Rd #01-05/07, PSA Tanjong Pagar Complex, Tel: 6222 9610, Open: 7am-3pm, Closed Mon)

lao ah di bak kut tehBack to Lao Ah Di – a meal of bak kut teh, you char kueh (fried dough fritters), preserved salted vegetables (a staple in any bak kut teh meal), pig intestines, and rice will set you back $5-$6 if you dine in a group of 6. One thing I didn’t like was their very puny portions of rice. Trust me, you’ll need at least 2 bowls of rice unless you’re on a diet.

The bak kut teh was a bit of a letdown. The meat was tasteless and the soup was on the mildly peppery side. Everything had a rather watered-down taste to it (I don’t take my food with a lot salt either) with the exception of the salted vegetables and pig’s intestines. But according to my mum, their bak kut teh isn’t always like this. Therefore, I’ll give them a second chance though my first visit was a disappointment.

boon keng bak ku teh

The I-wanna-know[s]:

Taste – 6/10
Price – $
Service – 4/10
Ambience – 7/10
Accessibility – 7/10

[$]-cheap like peanuts: ($10 & below/person)
[$$]-average Jane ($15-$25/person)
[$$$]-you might wanna tke tht card out..($30-$60/person)
[$$$$]-extremely exorbitant ($70 & above/person)
[* to *****] – rating(s) for individual dishes

#01-67 Block 34 Whampoa West, Singapore 330034

Opening hours:
7am – 3pm daily (Closed Monday)

Dress code: Casual

Nearest MRT: Boon Keng (NEL)

Buses: 31, 133, 147, 985, 66, 23, 65, 64, 13, 857…


One thought on “Lao Ah Di (老亚弟肉骨茶)

  1. Its dam expensive now, you can longer pay $6 for soup, veg, intestine and you tiao, the bloody soup is already $6. too expensive for me, poor man

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