Caramel Cafe

caramel cafe,hairloom and caramel,beach roadMy latest whimsical obsession, Caramel Cafe, has certainly been well-publicised in various magazines and tv shows. But nevertheless, they are a worthy mention that I’d like to share with anyone who hasn’t heard of them yet. Started in January 2009, Caramel Cafe is a labour of love that is not only a cafe, but also a hair salon and retail venture. Hairloom (nice pun there) is located in the same premises, and they’ve recently started their retail arm, Oject d’Art, which means ‘work of art’. Expect nothing less than cosy yet quirky interiors for an afternoon tête-à-tête over tea and desserts. I really like the bright airy feel you get indoors because of their glass doors let the light stream in and all. They close at 8pm on weeknights and 10pm on weekends (closed Sun) so don’t get there too late!

caramel cafe,hairloom and caramel,beach road,shaw leisure galleryMy girlfriend A and I were mesmerised by their counter (pictured here) for a good 5 minutes or so. It looked so inviting and the dessert display had rows of cupcakes amongst others. Loved the decor which is rather reminiscent of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland don’t you think? The owners did a great job in transforming simple pieces of furniture into eclectic pieces by reupholstering them. But this place isn’t just for show…the good people at Caramel Cafe are very friendly and very very attentive. They also seem to bake a lot at regular intervals. Which can only mean that they freshly bake their fabulous desserts daily. I also like how their ovens are located just behind the high counter so that one can catch whiffs of what’s in the oven. Believe me that’s one great sales strategy!

caramel cafe,hairloom and caramel,shaw leisure gallery,beach roadAfter careful deliberation, A and I decided to have their Lemon Creme and Carrot Cream Cheese cupcakes ($3.50 each), Warm Chocolate Banana Cake ($6.90) and a pot of chamomile tea for two ($2.90). Each resting in delicate casings, our cupcakes looked simple and were served on a gorgeous plate. Well that would be an understatement. From furniture to cutlery, plates to tea pots, everything was meticulously handpicked. A and I were so intrigued by our tea cups that we turned them upside down to get a hint of their origins (answer: Japan & China). Oh yes do ask them for honey to add to your tea because their honey’s great…

caramel cafe,hairloom and caramel,shaw leisure gallery,choclate banana cake,decadent desserts,teaOf the 2 cupcakes, I preferred the Carrot Cream Cheese [****] one. I was very surprised that it contained miniscule carrot bits in its centre, and the cream cheese was a great pairing. Personally, I would’ve liked it to be a little more moist. The Lemon Creme [***] one, however, could’ve had more lemony zest. The lemon creme was light and just the right amout of sweet, but it would’ve been to add more zest to it.

caramel cafe,hairloom and caramel,carrot cake,cupcake,lemon cupcake,decadent dessertsNot forgetting our chocolate staple, I found their Warm Chocolate Banana Cake [****] served with vanilla ice-cream on the side really, really good. Though it wasn’t oozing thick, hot chocolate the way some outrageously sinful chocolate cakes do, this one was sufficiently moist and not overly sweet. Warm chocolate still oozed from its centre, but blended with mushy banana slices…it was a wonderful match. And it’s topped with cocoa powder. How can we contend with that? What I loved about this cake was the fact that I didn’t feel too guilty afterwards…

Can’t wait to return for more delectable treats from Caramel. This time I’d like to try their lunch menu too!

object d'art,caramel cafe,hairloom and caramelThe I-wanna-know[s]:

Taste – 8/10
Price – $-$$
Service – 10/10
Ambience – 9/10
Accessibility – 7/10

[$]-cheap like peanuts: ($10 & below/person)
[$$]-average Jane ($15-$25/person)
[$$$]-you might wanna tke tht card out..($30-$60/person)
[$$$$]-extremely exorbitant ($70 & above/person)
[* to *****] – rating(s) for individual dishes

100 Beach Road
#01-50/52 Shaw Towers
Singapore 189702

Tel: +65 6295 2188


Opening hours:
Mondays – Thursdays
12pm – 8pm
Fridays & Saturdays
12pm – 10pm
Sundays & Public Holidays

Dress code: Casual

Nearest MRT: City Hall or Bugis

Buses: 57, 100, 107…


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