Graze Organic Sandwich & Snack Bags

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As parents out there scramble to prepare their kids for a new school year, some may worry endlessly about the kinds of food their kids will have in school canteens. Fret not I’d say, for the easiest way to deal with that is to pack lunches! It can be anything from cookies to sandwiches, ham & bacon, salads & fruits…the most important thing is to have fun preparing something simple & yummy for your kid.

And to help you out, I stumbled on Graze’s organic sandwich & snack bags which are brightly-coloured and attractive enough to entice kids to devour whatever you make for them. Graze’s bags are made of 100% certified organic cotton and are silk-screened by hand using water-based inks. They are unbleached and undyed, and have no plastic lining. All bags are machine and hand washable and feature hook and loop closures.

If you’re preparing a lunch that’s potentially messy, you could try first wrapping the food in unbleached wax paper, or even a plastic or Ziploc bag where necessary. For added measures, you could simply use a reusable lunch box. The whole point of Graze’s reusable bags is to help you save the environment by cutting down your daily use of plastic bags. Simply ‘throw them in the wash, not in the trash. No trash, no waste’, Graze says.

Graze offers 5 food-targeted bags: a sandwich-sized bag printed with a cute sandwich design and smaller bags for vegetables, fruit, snacks, and surprises (prices start at $24 for a set of 3). They also offer simple off-white bags (with “because every bag matters” printed in the corner) which can be used for your purse, luggage, or gym bag (a set of 3 includes one small, one large, and one extra-large bag for $24).


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