And…we’re back from a very long hiatus

It’s been an incredibly long hiatus and I’m so sorry my sabbatical took this long. During the time since I last wrote, I’ve been tweeting at Twitter and posting things on Facebook, travelling and tasting new foods, and trying to hunt down elusive hawker stalls. Above all, I was trying to reignite my passion for food writing. Don’t get me wrong I love food and always will. But my relationship with writing is spurred by inspiration and thus halts every now and then.

Earlier this year, I spent January in lovely Brisbane and Sydney where I fell head over heels in love with fresh produce (Masterchef Australia had a big part in it too). My most memorable meals were at Sassafras Cafe (Paddington, Brisbane), The Gallery Cafe (Annandale, Sydney) and Medusa Greek Taverna (Market Street, Sydney). And so began my decision to eat even more healthily than I already have…Actually that decision was sparked last December in Negombo (Sri Lanka) after a Kiwi friend introduced me to a salt & oil-free diet for a week. That in itself was a surprisingly pleasant experience but an unrealistic one for Singaporeans. Come visit our sunny little island to fully comprehend why meal choices rank high on the list of tough decisions for Singaporeans.

My 1-week Sri Lankan diet: brown rice with kidney beans and soy mince & brown rice noodle
Smoked salmon with free range poached eggs & Hollandaise sauce on toasted brioche
Whole baby calamari filled with pine nuts and rice on a chilli spiced tomato salsa

After Negombo and Brisbane came…Italy: Florence, Rome, Tuscany, Verona and Venice. I had the best steak of my life at Baroncelli’s in Florence and the world’s best gelato (it won the world cup of gelatos and Tony Blair loves it) in a quaint little Tuscan town named San Gimignano (Gelateria di Piazza). Speaking of which, La Buca also blew my mind with their exquisite selection of wild boar. My dear friend Ben has also been teaching me lots about appreciating single malt whiskeys from different countries – I’ve since come to love Balvenie and Nikka aside from my first love (Macallan). The Auld Alliance at CHIJMES is a great place to chill with a good whisky.

Medium-rare T-bone Florentine Steak (1 kg) from Baroncelli's
Pink Champagne Grapefruit & Saffron
Bought their wild boar salami with wine that was simply divine

Now back to the present…I’m inspired again. I’m inspired by how simple ingredients (common universal ingredients at that) can come together to form so many wonderful food memories for different people. So I’m back to cooking 🙂 and this week I’m going to post some of my dinner recipes to share my kitchen experiences with you.

Buonanotte! 晚安! Good night!


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