Chris’ Tea House

To all my readers:

Chris’ Tea House has gotten a lot of flack lately and I’d like to say that it’s a shame that things have turned out the way they have. I had a good experience the 1 time I was there, but I can’t attest to their current standards, policies or PR lately as I’ve not been there since.

It’s unfortunate that quite a few have had bad experiences there and I hope things will improve in the long run for both patrons and Chris’ Tea House.

About a month ago, I brought my mum, sis and godmother to a tea house located in an unlikely part of Singapore – Upper Paya Lebar Road. Chris’ Tea House is a quaint little place that’s perfect for a cosy tête à tête with friends. Don’t underestimate Chris’ Tea House because of its limited seating capacity…the place fills up quite quickly if you don’t make a reservation beforehand. So I’d advise you to give them a call before you head on down (makes things easier for them too). As I walked through the doors, bespoke upholstered furniture set against a vintage-tiled floor and a background of carefully-matched wallpaper with a self-playing piano greeted my eyes. While some of you might be well-acquainted with places like Crown & Crumpet Tea Room in San Francisco or London tea rooms, our tea house/room culture is just warming up over here. To date we’ve got: Tea Cosy, Caramel Cafe, Royal Copenhagen Tea Lounge, The Rose Veranda and Brasserie Les Saveurs for options.

I’d say Chris’ Tea House is a welcome addition for Singaporeans with its welcoming interior and affordable tea prices. While you won’t find high tea sets here…their à la carte menu has a cake sampler, hot & savoury quiches and pies, scones and verrines for you to choose from. After browsing their menu, we decided on their cake set with verrines ($11.90), scones ($3.20), 2 pots of tea, and broccoli basket with cheese ($4).

raspberry, mango, tiramisu, cappucino, strawberry, chocolate
this scone was just the right amount of buttery
I coveted this tea set

All in all, it was a delightful tea and we thoroughly enjoyed their warm service (thank you Mary). Just in case you were wondering, they sell tea sets and other tea-related items up front. One more thing to note: children under the age of 7 aren’t allowed due to the number of fragile items around. I’ll definitely be back for more and perhaps even hold a tea party there with a poetry recital or two. We’ll see. Stay tuned for Thai food!

Chris’ Tea House
359 Upper Paya Lebar Road
Singapore 534961

Opening Hours:
Tues – Wed: 11:30-19:00
Fri: 11:30-19:00
Sat – Sun: 12:00-19:00

Nearest MRT: Serangoon (NEL)

Buses: 22, 43, 70 (board at bus stop opposite NEX shopping mall), 80 (board at Kovan MRT on the side of Heartland Mall)


14 thoughts on “Chris’ Tea House

  1. I was there at the tea house yesterday. I came in a group of 8 and asked if we could separate the tables so we could sit in pairs. The reply we got was “No. That’s why I don’t like taking in big group bookings.” A simple “I’m sorry we can’t” would have sufficed. Next we ordered iced berry teas as it was a hot day. 15 minutes later, she told us she was out of berry teas. I let it go. After that my friend knocked over a glass and it broke on the floor. BY ACCIDENT. Mind you it wasn’t one of those “expensive” tea pots/cups. It was a normal glass which we were very willing to pay for. The response we got was atrocious. She told us: “You stained my floor. I really don’t understand…” and “Are you leaving soon?!” This kind of service is unacceptable in my opinion. We are paying PREMIUM price for “premium” tea. But apparently that does not include premium service. I left the place wondering if her glass costs 200 dollars to replace. One thing’s for sure. They are definitely putting up a facade for all the magazine and newspaper reporters who feature them. And they’ve just lost 8 customers for good.

  2. Do they make their own dessert? or like many other tea-house they buy off someone or some factory? if that is the case, wouldn’t this review be invalid?

  3. Snobbish owners
    They have a no children allowed policy i respect that, but they could have put across the message nicely, there is no need to be rude.

  4. Hard to find & extremely over-rated. No sitting for more than 2hrs, 20cents/min for use of it’s main, servers look more interested in the weather than serving u, food’s ok. 2 words: don’t bother.

  5. Sigh… It looks like Chris’ Tea House has gotten way over their heads in priding themselves as a ‘high-class’ tea house. A sign of a coming downfall to their arrogance, perhaps?

  6. my friend recommended me this place. Was googling around.
    Can’t what I’ve read. i don’t know. I wouldn’t wanna patron Chris’ Tea House after seeing the way they reply to the customers and others. I’m amazed. they could be right, but u know, the way Christina and Sasha position themselves, and showing how “atas” (high class) they are, it just turns me off…

    They might have the best tea/pastries there, but I’m not so sure if I will want their stuff, at least for now…

    Good luck to them

  7. If someone has to keep saying they are “high-classed”, it means they are not high classed lah. I have seen people like that. They themselves have to keep saying their things are “expensive” and “high-classecd”, without realising that by keep emphasising how “high classed” they are, it puts them at the lowest strata of society. If you ask around, most of their customers are not even from high society and they serve ordinary tea bags that can be found in NTUC and cakes that is less than mediocre. The decor looks oddly in bad taste. No amount of flaunting wealth can buy sophistication. It just shows the mother and daughter’s poor upbringing.

  8. I had intended to pay a visit to the tea house last weekend with 5 of my ex-colleagues until one of them dissuaded me from coming, citing the poor quality of the customer service, and the way the business owner handled the situation. I had to judge for myself by finding out the cause for the poor reviews, and I must say I am unimpressed by the incident. What could have been a small matter seems to have been blown out of proportion, thanks to no other than the owners of the establishment themselves.

    Being an F&B manager myself, I am not surprised the stance of the teahouse owners earned the scorn of the public with the attitude and words used which are uncalled for, and unnecessary. To run an F&B business well, besides passion, actions and sincerity must work hand in hand to make it a success. In the case of the customer who toppled the drinks, in any establishment, be it high-end or even in a coffeeshop, the way it is handled can make or break an experience. The sensible thing to do would be to clean up the mess, and take it in your stride, but the biggest mistake was to give the customer a tongue-lashing and start labeling one with definitions like ‘low class’ or ‘cheapskate’. When one is sane enough to operate a business, it must also be expected that you keep the negative thoughts and comments to yourself no matter how bad it gets. In the F&B business, some may dislike a customer for their behaviour, some may curse and swear at a customer, but such comments should never reach the customer’s ears unless you want to get yourself into a war of words and a PR disaster like what happened in the case of this teahouse.

    Second biggest mistake – the half-hearted apology. I read the apology note, and thought it sounded sarcastic and defensive right to the very end. If I were the owner of the teahouse and the customer is blowing up the matter thanks to what I said to him, I would immediately call up the customer, extend an invitation to him and his friends, and say ‘ Dear sir, I’m sorry for the bad experience and the comments that I made in a fit of anger, let’s make peace. Tea’s on me today, and we’re valuing you as a customer. Please come back again. ‘

    Take it in your stride, accept that what’s done is done and repair the damage.
    Such a small gesture would most certainly suffice and put an end to all the negative feedback that keeps coming on and on. Such gestures go a long way to exhibit one’s graciousness. As for one, would certainly not want to pay a visit to the tea house for now with my colleagues, in case we too get labelled with names should we soil the place.

    Therefore, word of advice – suck it up and salvage the situation while you can.


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