Ah Loy Thai

My sis and I popped by Ah Loy Thai at Shaw Towers on Saturday to grab a late lunch as we were both craving Thai food. It was my second visit there and it was still packed even though it was already 3 pm. Decidedly hungry, we ordered Ah Loy Thai’s Tom Yam Soup, Pineapple Fried Rice, Garlic Pork, Thai Red Tea and Home-made Lemon Grass drink to share. Ah Loy’s Thai Red Tea was a very light refreshing drink with just the right hints of condensed milk, while the Lemon Grass drink tastes exactly like the one my mum makes at home. Both drinks make great companions for hot & spicy Thai food. Their Pineapple Fried Rice was packed with ingredients like chicken, prawns and pineapple chunks so every mouthful of rice was accompanied by something. While some pineapple fried rice in other restaurants can be too oily and starchy, Ah Loy’s isn’t.

Pineapple Fried Rice ($5.90)

For their Tom Yam Soup, you have the option of spicy or non-spicy and you may choose between a clear soup and coconut milk-based one. Of the 3 dishes, their Tom Yam Soup was a little bit of a let-down for me as it lacked that tangy, sour, spicy flavour. It could be a personal preference.

Tom Yam Soup ($6.90)

The hero of the meal for me was their Garlic Pork. Served with deep-fried garlic cloves, this dish was a winner with its crispy garlic and juicy tender pork. One might expect the garlic to be a little too much but it was surprisingly not cloying for the taste buds and had a good balance of flavours. The thin strips of cucumber garnish also helped to counter the oiliness of the dish by acting as a refreshing finisher.

Garlic Pork ($6.90)

Ah Loy Thai is going to be a new addition to my Thai food eats aside from Golden Mile Complex (the golden hub of Thai food in Singapore – it’s like Little Thailand there), Spicy Thai Thai (Dickson Road) and Ah Roy Thai (Funan the IT Mall).

Ah Loy Thai
100 Beach Road, #01-39/40
Shaw Towers
Singapore 189702
Tel: (65) 9165 1543 / (65) 9329 7599


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