Ask Char

Dear Reader,

If you have any questions, feedback, or requests for recommendations, do drop me a comment below or email me: 

I really appreciate your feedback for it helps me to address your needs.

And who knows? You may lead me to my next food destination…

Thank you & happy reading!




8 thoughts on “Ask Char

  1. Hi Char!

    This is Bernadette, Kenneth’s secondary school friend.

    I was wondering, do you know of any place that serves good steaks and has a nice ambience?

    p/s: Love your food blog 🙂

    Thanks! ❤

  2. Hi, Justin from Ephrem here. Stumbled here through facebook. Wish I had stumbled earlier…great site! 2 suggestions to make it even greater.

    1) Addresses please

    2) Classify the places based on location, so they become “convenient” chill out places where we can go time and time again simply because they are near

    But yah, great site

    PS: Morton’s at Oriental Hotel serve free cocktail plus free flow steak sandwiches on weekday evenings for only $10++. That is a must go chill-out place if only for the fantastic beef.

  3. Hi Charlene,
    I found your site through Mingkiat and have been following your site since. Currently, I and my team from NUS are launching a website as part of our business module and it will focus on featuring food hangouts and fashion outlets that targets students. We were wondering if your fantastic site could come on board our project as a information source. Mainly this means we’ll credit your pictures, info, as well as link back to your website for any review that you post for us. We won’t be ripping any info/pics off you!

    The project will run for an estimated 4 months and we are planning to market the site as extensively as possible to obtain high visitor traffic. This means free advertising and publicity for your own website as well. Do you think you will be interested in coming on-board?

    Let me know,
    Juliet ( )
    PS : I like the new site layout 🙂

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